Introducing BuzzyGo: Your Fly Deterrence Solution

BuzzyGo disrupts the fly, not your day. BuzzyGo's innovative light technology creates a zone that deters flies without traps, chemicals, or harming the environment.

BuzzyGo isn't a fly trap or a zapper.  It's a completely humane deterrent that outsmarts flies by exploiting their unique visual system. Years of research have uncovered flies' vulnerability to confusing light patterns and rapid movement. BuzzyGo maximises this weakness, creating a zone of sensory overload that makes it difficult for flies to land and linger.

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Flies – More Than Just a Nuisance

Flies are a relentless enemy of a good time. They contaminate food, spread germs, and drive you crazy with their buzzing and darting. Traditional solutions, like sticky traps and chemical sprays, are messy, unsightly, and potentially harmful to you and the environment. It's time to fight back smarter, not harder.

Install BuzzyGo in Seconds And Let the Technology Do the Work

The Science of Deterrence

Think of BuzzyGo as your personal force field against flies. Its ingenious design produces a dynamic display of reflections and shifting shadows. To a fly, this is like trying to navigate a funhouse mirror maze –  disorienting and overwhelming.  The result?  Flies instinctively choose to retreat rather than deal with the confusion.

  • Dynamic Light Play

    BuzzyGo's specialised design creates a constantly changing display of reflections and shadows – a disorienting experience for flies.

  • Confusion = Deterrence

    This sensory overload makes it difficult for flies to navigate, encouraging them to steer clear of the protected area.

  • Window, Door, or Patio

    Simply attach BuzzyGo with its included suction cup to a window, doorway, or near your outdoor seating area. It works best in direct sunlight!

Experience the BuzzyGo Difference: Benefits You'll Love

Peaceful Moments, Undisturbed: Imagine enjoying your morning coffee on the patio without the constant buzz and annoyance of flies. BuzzyGo helps you reclaim those moments of simple relaxation.

Outdoor Fun, Minus the Pests: Picnics in the park, backyard barbecues, poolside relaxation – these moments shouldn't be spoiled by flies. BuzzyGo lets you focus on the good times, not on swatting away pests.

Healthier Choices: Flies contaminate surfaces and food, putting your health at risk. BuzzyGo reduces their presence, promoting a cleaner, safer environment for you and your family.

Stress-Free Gatherings: Hosting a meal shouldn't involve a fly-swatting competition. BuzzyGo helps you keep food and dining areas clearer, allowing you to focus on your guests, not the bugs.

Humane Approach: BuzzyGo disrupts flies without harming them or the environment. Enjoy effective pest control with a clear conscience.

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Backed by Science: How BuzzyGo Leverages Fly Biology

BuzzyGo's technology isn't just clever; it exploits specific weaknesses in the insect's visual system. Studies on fly vision demonstrate their extreme sensitivity to changes in light and movement. By creating a dynamic, confusing light environment, BuzzyGo effectively overloads their senses and disrupts their ability to navigate.

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Proven Deterrence: The Science in Numbers

While research specifically on BuzzyGo is ongoing, similar technologies have demonstrated impressive results. Studies on light-based insect deterrents show an 87% reduction in fly presence in treated areas. BuzzyGo builds on this principle, providing a humane and scientifically supported alternative to traditional pest control.

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Long-lasting Design

BuzzyGo was designed to withstand the test of time. It is built to last. A flat base and shallow dome means it can withstand forces (such as a small child or dog walking over it). Suction cup strength means you don’t have to worry about the BuzzyGo falling from your window. No need to refill it, no batteries, no subscription, just buy one and enjoy your fly free haven.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

We understand that seeing is believing. Try BuzzyGo and experience the difference yourself.  If you're not thrilled with your fly-free results, we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and messy traps. Say hello to a smart, humane, and effective way to conquer your fly problem. BuzzyGo gives you back your peace of mind. Order yours today.